The Grenada Organic Agriculture Movement(GOAM) is not for profit organization established to become the premiere institution in Grenada that promotes organic farming as an integral part of Grenada’s farming system, impacting positively on environmental sustainability, farmers’ livelihood and consumers well being.   Its mission is to facilitate the development of organic agriculture through capacity building of stakeholders, the development and enactment of relevant standards and provision of a platform for organic production and processing of organic products in Grenada.



To achieve its mission GOAM has set itself the following objectives:-


To develop a cadre of highly qualified technicians

To develop, promote and maintain standards for local organic production

To provide relevant technical support to farmers engaged in organic farming

To assist in the certification process of farms for the local and regional markets

To develop demonstration organic farms that would display cutting edge technology

To raise funds for the sustainability of GOAM

To develop projects in support for organic agriculture

To promote the use of organic foods and processed products

To lobby in the interest of organic agriculture in Grenada


The development of the 2012-2016 Organisational Strategic Plan took into account the challenges that emerging organizations are confronted with and the fact that the organization will be managed by volunteers.   As a result of this strategic positioning the organization will rely heavily on collaborative partnership with other organizations/ agencies



Main Actors and Partners


The Ministries of Agriculture and Health, farmers and farmer organizations would be the main actors in propelling organic agriculture in Grenada.  Collaboration with those entities must be established within the shortest possible time in order to establish a footing for the growth of GOAM.  In so doing, GOAM must also seek out strategic partners to allow it to address its needs.   Its main actors can also be strategic partners; but in addition GOAM must look to regional and international partners.  Affiliation with the International Federation of Organic Movement (IFOAM) should be a first step.  Affiliation with regional movements should follow.  Good working relationship with IICA; CARDI; UWI; SGU; FAO should also be a priority.  There should be a concerted effort to identify and establish relationship with regional and international funding agencies that are sympathetic to organic movements.



Implementation, Monitoring and Evaluation


GOAM’s executive will be responsible for providing leadership to the implementation of the plan.  On the ground activities will be conducted by GOAM’s volunteers.  A monitoring and reporting structure will be developed and executed during the life of the Plan.  Progress reports on the Plan’s implementation should be presented at the Movement’s regular meetings so as to be evaluated and given feedback.



Assumption and Risks


GOAM’s raison d’etre is the assumption that organically produced foods are safer and healthier than those conventionally produced and Grenadians would be much better off producing and consuming organic foods.   The risks are competing claims and providing the evidence to support the main assumption.